Monday, December 10, 2007

Nana's Cookies Review

I received some samples of Nana's No Gluten Cookies today. Sinful and decadent, these are not. But they are pretty good. The only sugar is from fruit juice, and they are also free of dairy and eggs.

The main ingredient is brown rice flour. It is a bit grainy (but not as bad as some), and it is a little on the dry side, but that actually results in the cookie sorta melting in your mouth. I had the Chocolate Cookie and the Berry Vanilla Cookie Bar.

Both cookies are sweet enough with just the fruit juice, without being overly sweet. The chocolate cookie has a very nice chocolate flavor. It reminds me of a chocolate cake, but not as fluffy.
I like the combination of berry and vanilla flavors, and the rice crunchies in them.

Carter absolutely had a fit after I gave him a bite of each and then put the rest of the cookies away. So I know they're a hit with him. I definitely don't feel guilty about giving these cookies to him (like I do with my brownies). Nor would I feel guilty about eating them for breakfast.

If you're looking for a new product, especially if you want a healthier treat or need to avoid dairy or eggs, pick up a Nana's No Gluten Cookie next time you go to Whole Foods. Give it a try - you may like it, and like not feeling guilty about it.


Anonymous said...

obviously Nana's Cookies won't post their recipes, but does anyone know of ones very similar to the Gluten-Free brands, particularly 'Chocolate Crunch'. This cookie makes me very happy and I'd like to make at home.

Anonymous said...

It's expensive. $3.50 for 5 cookies but after eating one I wish they gave me less cookies. Very dry and a powdery aftertaste... it's sort of like hmmm... well... once I mixed a chocolate powerder protein drink and it clumped... I took a drink and got a mouthful of dry chocolate protein powder... Nana's Chocolate Munch Cookie Bars is like that.

Anonymous said...

I had the Gluten free lemon cookie and thought it was devine! Glad to be able to eat a cookie once and a while...a real treat...worth all the calories!

Anonymous said...

Wow --- tried the Chocolate Munch --- baaaaaaad. Grainy, dry, aftertaste. Takes me back 5 years. Much better options out there.

TRY --- Betty Crocker cakes & brownies!